Katrine Fangen

Katrine Fangen
Institution: University of Oslo
Website: www.sv.uio.no
Katrine Fangen is an External Associate at PRIO.


​Katrine Fangen is an external associate.
Read her profile at the University of Oslo.


The following publications are specific to the PRIO Migration Centre. A more complete list is available at www.prio.org.

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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Erdal, Marta Bivand & Katrine Fangen (2021) A state-centred conception of nationhood? Norwegian bureaucrats on the nation, Ethnicities. DOI: 10.1177/14687968211012567.
Fangen, Katrine (2016) The "Syria traveller": Reintegration or legal sanctioning?, Critical Studies on Terrorism 9(3): 414–432.
Fangen, Katrine & Mari Vaage (2014) FrP-politikeres innvandringsretorikk i posisjon og opposisjon, Agora: Journal for metafysisk spekulasjon 3(4): 30–63.
Fangen, Katrine & Erlend Paasche (2012) Young Adults of Ethnic Minority Background on the Norwegian Labour Market: The Interactional Co-construction of Exclusion by Employers and Customers, Ethnicities 13(5): 607–624.
Fangen, Katrine & Erlend Paasche (2012) Transnational Involvement: Reading Quantitative Studies in Light of Qualitative Data, International Journal of Population Research. DOI: 10.1155/2012/580819: 1–12.

Popular Article

Erdal, Marta Bivand & Katrine Fangen (2021) Hvorfor vegrer norske byråkrater seg for å omtale nasjonal identitet? [Why are Norwegian beaurocrats reluctant to discuss national identity?], Forskersonen.no, 24 May.

PRIO Report

Strømsø, Mette; Michael Collyer; Rojan Tordhol Ezzati; Katrine Fangen; Marta Bivand Erdal; & Thomas Lacroix (2017) Negotiating the Nation: Implications of Ethnic and Religious Diversity for National Identity, PRIO Project Summary. Oslo: PRIO.