Contact the Centre

For visiting and postal address, directions phone numbers and office hours, see the PRIO website. The sections below provide answers to common questions. Please consult the relevant information on the website before making an enquiry. Enquires should preferably be directed to the most relevant individual researcher. General enquiries to the PRIO Migration Centre should be sent to the current coordinator.

Media enquiries and interview requests

Please contact the most relevant migration researcher directly. Media enquiries can also be directed to the PRIO Communication Director.

Enquiries about joining PRIO

New research staff and students generally join in response to open calls for applications. Such calls fall into several categories:

  • Project specific research positions (including doctoral research fellowships)
  • Permanent senior researcher positions
  • The UiO–PRIO Student Programme (for master’s students at the University of Oslo)
  • Internships arranged through existing partnerships

These opportunities are highly competitive and only available through advertised vacancies. To be informed about vacant positions, please subscribe to the PRIO Migration Update . PRIO’s Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page contains information about opportunities for being a visiting researcher at PRIO. External affiliates are either part of PRIO’s Global Fellows programme or collaborators on current projects with external funding.

Enquiries about supervision and training

Please see the Training page for information about our educational activities.

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