Attending a PhD course on migration

Members of the PRIO Migration Centre occasionally teach in PhD courses hosted by the Research School of Peace and Conflict or external partners. We are currently planning a series of migration-related PhD courses for the period 2021–2024. To be informed about future migration-related PhD courses, subscribe to the PRIO Migration Update.

Doing your PhD at PRIO

PRIO employs a number of PhD candidates who are financed by externally funded projects and enrolled in the PhD programme of a university. Such opportunities only arise when we obtain project grants that include a PhD position. The position is then advertised as a vacancy. To be informed about future vacancies, subscribe to the PRIO Migration Update. For more information about doing a PhD, please see PRIO’s Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

Writing your master’s thesis at PRIO

Master’s students at the University of Oslo can apply for a placement at PRIO through the UiO–PRIO Student Programme.

Supervision for your master’s thesis or PhD dissertation

Researchers at PRIO occasionally supervise master’s students and PhD candidates who are not affiliated with PRIO. This is most likely to be relevant if your topic closely matches the competence or current research of a PRIO researcher. To explore this possibility, please contact the most relevant person directly. You should first enquire with your university whether external co-supervision is possible, and if so, under what conditions.

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