Bård Drange

Doctoral Researcher

Bård Drange
Email: bardra@prio.org
Mobile phone: +4795475353
Twitter: @BardDrange

Research Interests

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Soy un estudiante doctoral, trabajando en temas de paz y justicia en Colombia. Mi tesis doctoral se enfoca en las contribuciones y la relevancia de medidas tomadas en nivel nacional para contribuir a la paz, justicia y reconciliación en nivel local.

Mi investigación se hace en dos niveles: nivel nacional, donde he investigado la trayectoria de medidas de Justicia desde los años 2000 hasta el acuerdo de paz con las FARC en 2016; y nivel local, dónde me enfoco en cómo se recibe y piensa en nivel local de las medidas de justicia que salieron del acuerdo de paz en 2016.


My main research interests relate to conflicts, including issues of peace and justice and conflict management/resolution. Also interested in conflict dynamics, external involvement, and armed/insurgent/jihadist/violent extremist groups.

My doctoral research concerns issues of peace and justice in Colombia, with a focus on the pursuit of truth, justice and reparations. My PhD project is part of the project called "All is Fair in Law and War: Judicial Behavior in Conflict-affected Societies". Please find more about my PhD research here.

I have previously conducted field work in Colombia on the internal armed conflict for my MA thesis on conflict resolution/peace negotiations. I have also researched the EU’s capacity for crisis response, UN/AU peace operations and issues of governance/conflict in the Sahel, notably Mali.



Fluent: Norwegian, English, Spanish.

Advanced: French.

Professional background

2017-2019: Junior Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs.


2009-2011: International Baccalaureate at United World College-USA, New Mexico, USA.

2011-2014: Bachelor in International Politics and History - Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. 

2013: Exchange semester at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

2014-2015 and 2016-2017: MA in Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Oslo, Norway.

Fall 2015: intern at Norwegian Embassy in Malawi. Spring 2016: language learning/travelling Colombia.

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