Hanoi, Vietnam. July, 2023. Photo: Karen Liao
Hanoi, Vietnam. July, 2023. Photo: Karen Liao

In the shadow of crises and inequality, global urban middle classes are growing. In this breakfast seminar, we draw on examples from cities in Africa and Asia to discuss how these emerging realities challenge current notions of 'development'.

While the growth of the global urban middle classes is evident in many parts of Africa and Asia, approaches to 'development' often fail to engage with this ongoing social change. Drawing on case studies from Ethiopia and Vietnam, showcasing the salience of education, migration and consumption among new middle classes, this seminar will shed new light on what 'development' looks like.

This seminar is organized by the PRIO Migration Centre and is part of the Migration Rhythms in Trajectories of Upward Social Mobility in Asia research project. Based on this project's ongoing research, this seminar will offer a dialogue with the authors of two recently published books that engage with new middle classes and urban life in Africa and Asia.


PRIO Director Henrik Urdal will open the event and PRIO Researcher Marta Bivand Erdal will moderate the conversation.

A light breakfast will be served from 8:00.