Ethnicities covers ethnicity, nationalism and identity politics, with or without a migration component. The closest neighbours of Ethnicities in terms of cross-citations are Ethnic and Racial Studies and the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. It is an interdisciplinary journal, though with strongest affinities with sociology and politics.

How established is it?

Ethnicities is 22 years old (launched in 2001) and is published by Sage. The journal publishes about 50 articles per year. It is included in 4 of the databases used for compiling the PRIO Guide to Migration Journals (Google Scholar Metrics, Scimago Journal Ranks, Scopus, and Web of Science Core Collection).

How much are the articles cited?

The proportion of articles in Ethnicities that are cited at least once within a few years of publication is higher than average for journals included in the guide. The average number of citations to each article is about average. See Scimago for additional information on citations.

What are the options for open access?

Ethnicities has a hybrid publication model, meaning that only subscribers have access to all articles, but that individual articles can be made open access on the basis of paying a fee. See the journal's Sherpa Romeo page about the conditions for sharing the accepted manuscript online (Green Open Access).

How long are the articles?

Ethnicities invites articles of 7000 to 8000 words. For more information about submissions and access to past articles, see the journal's web site.

Examples of articles in Ethnicities

Anthias (2013)
Intersectional what? Social divisions, intersectionality and levels of analysis
Kymlicka (2011)
Multicultural citizenship within multination states
Schiller and Caglar (2013)
Locating migrant pathways of economic emplacement: thinking beyond the ethnic lens

PRIO Migration Centre articles published in Ethnicities

Marta Bivand Erdal & Katrine Fangen (2021)
A state-centred conception of nationhood? Norwegian bureaucrats on the nation

Journal article in Ethnicities

Rojan Tordhol Ezzati & Marta Bivand Erdal (2017)
Do we have to agree? Accommodating unity in diversity in post-terror Norway

Journal article in Ethnicities

Katrine Fangen & Erlend Paasche (2012)
Young Adults of Ethnic Minority Background on the Norwegian Labour Market: The Interactional Co-construction of Exclusion by Employers and Customers

Journal article in Ethnicities

Giulia Sinatti & Cindy Horst (2015)
Migrants as agents of development: Diaspora engagement discourse and practice in Europe

Journal article in Ethnicities

Mette Strømsø (2018)
'All people living in Norway could become Norwegian': How ordinary people blur the boundaries of nationhood

Journal article in Ethnicities

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