Global Networks

Global Networks has the subtitle a journal of transnational affairs and covers a range of topics within and beyond migration studies, from global value chains to transnational families. The journal's aims and scope no not mention migration, but roughly half the articles have migration-related words in the title or abstract. Many of the articles deal specifically with migrant transnationalism.

How established is it?

Global Networks is 22 years old (launched in 2001) and is published by Wiley. The journal publishes about 30 articles per year. It is included in 4 of the databases used for compiling the PRIO Guide to Migration Journals (Google Scholar Metrics, Scimago Journal Ranks, Scopus, and Web of Science Core Collection).

How much are the articles cited?

The proportion of articles in Global Networks that are cited at least once within a few years of publication is higher than average for journals included in the guide. The average number of citations to each article is much higher than average. See Scimago for additional information on citations.

What are the options for open access?

Global Networks has a hybrid publication model, meaning that only subscribers have access to all articles, but that individual articles can be made open access on the basis of paying a fee. See the journal's Sherpa Romeo page about the conditions for sharing the accepted manuscript online (Green Open Access).

How long are the articles?

Global Networks does not have a stated maximum length for articles and has published contributions of nearly 15,000 words (Kumar 2019).

Examples of articles in Global Networks

Dekker and Engbersen (2014)
How social media transform migrant networks and facilitate migration
McKenzie and Menjivar (2011)
The meanings of migration, remittances and gifts: views of Honduran women who stay
Ryan and Mulholland (2014)
French connections: the networking strategies of French highly skilled migrants in London

PRIO Migration Centre articles published in Global Networks

Jørgen Carling (2003)
Cartographies of Cape Verdean transnationalism

Journal article in Global Networks

Marta Bivand Erdal & Kaja Borchgrevink (2016)
Transnational Islamic charity as everyday rituals

Journal article in Global Networks

Cindy Horst et al. (2014)
Private money, public scrutiny? Contrasting perspectives on remittances

Journal article in Global Networks

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