Migration and Society

Migration and Society is a newly launched general migration journal which, like some others, welcomes contributions from artists and practitioners as well as from academics. It is published alongside its sister journals Conflict and society, Environment and society and Religion and society which are all anthropology-based, yet interdisciplinary journals.

How established is it?

Migration and Society is 5 years old (launched in 2018) and is published by Berhahn Journals. The journal publishes fewer than 20 articles per year (estimated by Google Scholar). It is included in 2 of the databases used for compiling the PRIO Guide to Migration Journals (DOAJ and Scopus).

How much are the articles cited?

The proportion of articles in Migration and Society that are cited at least once within a few years of publication is much higher than average for journals included in the guide. The average number of citations to each article is unknown (because the journal is not covered by "Scimago).

What are the options for open access?

Migration and Society is part of a subscribe-to-open plan in which libraries keep paying the equivalent of their subscription fees while the journal makes its content fully open access. In practical terms, it is therefore a diamond open-access journal, meaning that every article is free for all to read and authors are not required to pay any fee.

How long are the articles?

Migration and Society invites articles of up to 8000 words. For more information about submissions and access to past articles, see the journal's web site.

Examples of articles in Migration and Society

Rosen and Crafter (2018)
Media representations of separated child migrants: from dubs to doubt
Suárez-Krabbe and Lindberg (2019)
Enforcing apartheid?: the politics of "intolerability" in the Danish migration and integration regimes
Wagner (2018)
Giving aid inside the home: humanitarian house visits, performative refugeehood, and social control of Syrians in Jordan
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