Refugee Survey Quarterly

Refugee Survey Quarterly began as a journal with thematic issues only (like the Anti-Trafficking Review) but now publishes three regular issues and one special issue in every volume. The journal's thematic scope resembles that of the Journal of Refugee Studies and the two journals have very similar geographical distribution of authorship (almost two thirds European with the remaining third split between North America and the rest of the world).

How established is it?

Refugee Survey Quarterly is 41 years old (launched in 1982) and is published by Oxford University Press. The journal publishes about 20 articles per year. It is included in 3 of the databases used for compiling the PRIO Guide to Migration Journals (Google Scholar Metrics, Scimago Journal Ranks, and Scopus).

How much are the articles cited?

The proportion of articles in Refugee Survey Quarterly that are cited at least once within a few years of publication is about average for journals included in the guide. The average number of citations to each article is also about average. See Scimago for additional information on citations.

What are the options for open access?

Refugee Survey Quarterly has a hybrid publication model, meaning that only subscribers have access to all articles, but that individual articles can be made open access on the basis of paying a fee. See the journal's Sherpa Romeo page about the conditions for sharing the accepted manuscript online (Green Open Access).

How long are the articles?

Refugee Survey Quarterly invites articles of 9000 to 15000 words. For more information about submissions and access to past articles, see the journal's web site.

Examples of articles in Refugee Survey Quarterly

Newman et al. (2008)
Asylum, detention, and mental health in Australia
Janmyr (2016)
Precarity in exile: the legal status of Syrian refugees in Lebanon
Marfleet (2007)
Refugees and history: why we must address the past

PRIO Migration Centre articles published in Refugee Survey Quarterly

Cindy Horst (2006)
Refugee livelihoods: Continuity and Transformations

Journal article in Refugee Survey Quarterly

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