Peace in a pod. PRIO
Peace in a pod. PRIO

From war-torn Ukraine and Sudan to the Mediterranean, 2023 marked yet another year where thousands were forced to leave their homes in pursuit of a better life. In one of the deadliest migrant boat tragedies, more than 600 people drowned on June 14 off the coast of Greece, after a fishing vessel known as the Adriana capsized and sank. A few months later, the minuscule Italian island of Lampedusa saw an influx of 10,000 individuals within days, which nearly doubled the local population. It created new urgent humanitarian needs, on an island that has already welcomed and seen thousands pass through over the years, while again fuelling a narrative by fringe political parties of an "invasion."

But beyond the gripping headlines, what were some of the key migration trends that defined 2023? What realities do those embarking on the journey to Europe face? And amidst the turmoil, are European initiatives aimed at curbing migration proving effective, and at what moral and financial costs?

In this episode, we hear from Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert, a Senior Researcher at PRIO and an expert on migration and humanitarian issues. She is joined by Nima Elbagir, CNN's multi-award-winning Chief International Investigative Correspondent, who just returned from an assignment in the West Bank. Nima is in Oslo to deliver PRIO’s Annual Peace Address.

This episode is hosted by Emmy-award winning journalist Arnaud Siad.

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