This #RefugeeWeek, nearing the launch of 'An Agent Of Change' a story from young refugees in #Dadaab of transformative education, made by PositiveNegatives together with PRIO Doctoral researcher Hassan Aden. This work is part of the 'RefugeeEducation: Building Durable Futures' project led by Research Professor Cindy Horst. Stay tuned for release Thursday 17 June of the animation as well as other in-depth content!

This animation, to be launched for #RefugeeWeek, is based on research conducted by Hassan Aden as part of the ReBuild project, Refugee Education: Building Durable Futures, funded by the Research Council of Norway.

The PositveNegatives team has been collaborating with PRIO researchers on several projects, using animations and comics as effective tools for communicating key messages from research to diverse audiences. See for instance here, The Uffo Struggle for Justice: Creating Historical Comics on Resistance in Somaliland.

This #RefugeeWeek release is accompanied by a PRIO Policy Brief, a blog post as well as a podcast, all available very soon. Stay tuned on the PRIO website and follow @PRIOupdates & @PosNegOrg.