Consider people who have neither migrated nor stayed - in this new article Jørgen Carling, Marta Bivand Erdal and Cahtrine Talleraas argue that they can best be described as living simultaneously in two countries. This article introduces a special issue of the journal of Population, Space and Place on 'Transnational lives: the meanings and implications of living in two countries also co-edited by Jørgen Carling, Marta Bivand Erdal and Cahtrine Talleraas. This is an outcome of the Research Council of Norway funded project Transnational Lives in the Welfare State.

The article offers a theoretical frame for future analyses of transnational living. Simultaneously, it argues for the sharpening of analytical precision in the use of the term ‘transnational’ in migration studies, which may serve empirical and theoretical ends, beyond the study of the phenomenon of people living in two countries.

To learn more read the Open Access article here and watch the video abstract here.

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