Kristin Bergtora Sandvik

Research Professor in Humanitarian Studies

Research Interests

What I am doing at the moment:  Spring 2022 I am researching the legal ripple effects of July 22. I am also writing a book on Humanitarian Extractivism and I help coordinate the Covid-19 and rule of law initiative (Korona og rettsstaten) at UiO.

I am a Research Professor in Humanitarian Studies at PRIO. I have previously been the Director for the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies.  My main affiliation is with the University of Oslo, where I am a professor at the Faculty of Law (Sociology of Law). I teach sociology of law, legal technology and artificial intelligence and robot regulations.  From 2020, I lead the RCN-funded SAMRISK project "LAW22JULY: RIPPLES (Rights, Institutions, Procedures, Participation, Litigation: Embedding Security)" at the Faculty of Law, with PRIO as a key partner.  At PRIO, I lead the RCN-funded NORGLOBAL project "Do No Harm: Ethical humanitarian Innovation", where I work on digital bodies, ethics, humanitarian innovation and data justice issues.  I am also part of the Humanitarian BordersCo-duties and RegulAir-projects. 


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Work experience

2009 –
Senior Researcher, Research Professor PRIO
2016 –2021
​Coordinator, Humanitarianism Research Group, PRIO
2016 –​Professor, Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, University of Oslo
2012 – 2016​Director for the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies


  • Doctor of Juridical Sciences, S.J.D Harvard Law School 2008
  • Visiting Fellowship, RSC, University of Oxford 2006
  • Visiting Researcher,  Refugee Law Project, Uganda 2005
  • Candidata Juris, Masters in Women's Law, University of Oslo 2002

I am a member of independent ethics advisory board for the EU Human Brain project and an editorial board member of Security Dialogue.



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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Lindskov Jacobsen, Katja & Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (2018) UNHCR and the pursuit of international protection: accountability through technology?, Third World Quarterly. DOI: 10.1080/01436597.2018.1432346.