Latest publications

Karen Liao et al. (2024)
Middle Classes, Moving and Staying in Hanoi

PRIO Paper

Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert et al. (2024)
Towards migration policy coherence


Aida Ibričević (2024)
Decided Return Migration: Citizenship, Emotions, Home and Belonging in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Cindy Horst (2024)
Citizenship and refugees

Book chapter in Encyclopedia of citizenship studies

Karen Liao (2024)
The Grey Window of Temporary Reintegration: The Involuntary Return and Crisis-Induced Immobility of Filipino Migrant Workers

Journal article in International Migration Review

Tone Sommerfelt (2024)
Politics of Shared Humanity: On Hospitality, Equality and the Spiritual in Rural Gambia

Journal article in Anthropological Forum

Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Marek Jakoubek & Tone Sommerfelt (2024)

Book chapter in Dynamics of Political Domination in Africa: An Axel Sommerfelt Collection

Axel Sommerfelt (2024)
Dynamics of Political Domination in Africa: An Axel Sommerfelt Collection. Edited by Tone Sommerfelt, Marek Jakoubek and Thomas Hylland Eriksen. Afterword by Adam Kuper

Edited volume

Karen Liao et al. (2024)
Middle Classes, Moving and Staying in Metro Manila

PRIO Paper

Emmanuel Viga & Hilde Refstie (2024)
Unsettling humanitarian binaries: Civic humanitarianism and relational aid among South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

Journal article in Geoforum

Emmanuel Viga et al. (2024)
Engaging with the Humanitarian Localisation Agenda from ‘Below’ in Uganda

PRIO Policy Brief

Katarzyna Grabska & Marina de Regt (2024)
Adolescent Girls' Migration in the Global South: Moving Into Adulthood

Book chapter in The Routledge Companion to Girls’ Studies

Marta Bivand Erdal (2024)
Qualitative methods in citizenship studies

Book chapter in Encyclopedia of Citizenship Studies

Jørgen Carling, Jessica Hagen-Zanker & Zina Weisner (2024)
New insights on the causes of migration


Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert et al. (2024)
Does informality lead to better or worse migration partnerships, and for whom?

MIGNEX Policy Brief

Marie Godin et al. (2024)
Is policy coherence a smokescreen for a more restrictive migration agenda?

MIGNEX Policy Brief

Eva Chalkiadaki et al. (2024)
Access, Power, Trust: Lessons from Humanitarian Aid in Protracted Displacement

PRIO Policy Brief

Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Marcela Rubio & Marta Bivand Erdal (2024)
How do perceptions, fears, and experiences of violence and conflict affect considerations of moving internally and internationally?

Journal article in Journal of Refugee Studies

Elisabeth Gilmore et al. (2024)
Defining severe risks related to mobility from climate change

Journal article in Climate Risk Management

Cathrine Brun et al. (2024)
The dynamic space of aid relations in protracted internal displacement: the case of Sri Lanka's northern Muslims

Journal article in Disasters

Nicolás Caso & Jørgen Carling (2024)
The reach and impact of migration information campaigns in 25 communities across Africa and Asia

Journal article in Migration Policy Practice

Jørgen Carling et al. (2024)
Effects of involuntary immobility on development


Niels Ike et al. (2024)
Should the EU give up on readmission agreements as a foreign policy tool?

MIGNEX Policy Brief

Jonas Vestby et al. (2024)
Societal determinants of flood-induced displacement

Journal article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Carlos Vargas-Silva et al. (2023)
Tackling the root causes of migration

MIGNEX Background paper

Jørgen Carling (2023)
The Double Duality of Migrant Smugglers: An Analytical Framework

Book chapter in Global Human Smuggling

Marta Bivand Erdal, Marie Godin & Maisie Fitzmaurice (2023)
The overlooked opportunities of short distance and short-term migration
Jessica Hagen-Zanker & Jørgen Carling (2023)
What are the ‘root causes’ of migration?

MIGNEX Policy Brief

Gudrun Østby et al. (2023)
Left Further Behind after the COVID-19 School Closures: Survey Evidence on Rohingya Refugees and Host Communities in Bangladesh

Journal article in Journal on Education in Emergencies

Marianne Friisberg Larssen & Anders Aschim (2023)
Katolsk ungdom i møte med KRLE-faget

Journal article in Prismet

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