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Ebba Tellander

Ebba Tellander

Email: ebbtel@prio.org

Mobile phone: 463 83 700

Twitter: @ebba_katarina

Research Interests

Ebba Tellander is a Doctoral Researcher within the Societal Transformation in Conflict Contexts project.She was previously a Researcher and Research Assistant at the Social Dynamics Department and a Communicator at the Communication Department.

She came home from 6 month of field-research in Somaliland in the beginning of 2019. She had then collected around 100 interviews and recorded conversations, fieldnotes and archival material. Currently, she is coding and analysing her data as well as writing up the insights and findings. Read more about the PhD project here.

She is also collaborating with Postive Negatives to develop a 5 part graphic illustration (a cartoon) based on her research. Follow Postive Negative's Facebook page for updates.

Hargiesa Group Hospital 1981.png

Hargeisa Group Hospital 1981, Photo: Produced by Postive Negatives, Artist: Pat Masioni

Hargeisa group Hospital 1981

        ![Hargeisa group Hospital 1981](https://cdn.prio.org/cdn_image/Hargeisa%20group%20Hospital%201981%2c%20cleaning.png?x=360&y=240&m=Scale)

Cleaning of Hargeisa Group Hospital 1981, Photo: Produced by Postive Negatives, Artist: Pat Masioni

She has also been part of a production of a TV series about a group of professionals who restored a hosptial as an act of resistance in Hargiesa 1981, which became a transformative moment in Somalia's and Somaliland's history. Read more about the TV production and the professionals' inspirational story here.

Front cover5.jpg

        ![Front cover5.jpg](https://cdn.prio.org/cdn_image/Front%20cover5.jpg?x=270&y=360&m=Scale)

Uffo TV program 2018-2019, Design: Mustafa Saeed

Tellander's areas of interest are:

  • Civil resistance, social movements and collective action in high risk settings.
  • Societal transformation in repressive and conflict contexts.
  • Somalia's and Somaliland's recent history.
  • Norwegian-Somalis' role in Norwegian foreign policy.
  • Lived experiences of citizenship, belonging and civic engagement in Norway.
  • Accountability in Somaliland.

Tellander has worked and studied in Kenya, Palestine, Germany, England, Somalia, Somaliland, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden.

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