Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert

Research Director

Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert
Work phone: 22 54 77 52
Twitter: @MariaGJumbert

Research Interests

  • EU border security policies in the Mediterranean: competing narratives on migration, humanitarian needs and border control
  • Security and humanitarian surveillance technologies: legal framework, political and ethical challenges
  • Humanitarian crises and their internationalization: new tools of communication, changing forms of media coverage, agenda-setting, international mobilization and shaping of crisis narratives, and the emerging or challenging norms of international responsibilities in internal crises (R2P, Protection of civilians, etc.)
  • Rising powers' involvement in humanitarianism and peacekeeping: the case of Brazil
  • Conflict dynamics in Sudan and East Africa


​Director, Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies (NCHS)
Member of PRIO Board (2016-2018)
​​​​​​​​​​Working experience:
Jan. 2011-present: Senior Researcher, PRIO
2006-2010: Doctoral researcher, Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Internationales (CERI), SciencesPo, Paris
2009-2011: Lecturer, Master of Conflict Analysis and Peacebuilding, Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Sciences Po, Lille
2007 and 2009: Guest researcher at Cedej, Khartoum
2005 and 2007: Guest researcher at NUPI, Oslo                     
2008: Visiting Scholar at SIPA, Columbia University, New York  
University lecturing:
2009-2011, Sciences Po Lille: Courses on International Relations, Conflict Analysis and Peacebuilding and Mediatization of Conflicts
2008-2011, SciencesPo Paris: Courses on World Politics, International Relations and International Management of Armed Conflicts
2004-2009: Correspondent for Morgenbladet (Norwegian weekly)
2004: Journalist, Al Ahram Weekly, International desk, Cairo
2005-2006: Assistant to the permanent delegate, Norwegian Delegation to UNESCO, Paris

·         Ph.D., Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris/SciencesPo (2010)
Dissertation title:  “The internationalization of the Sudanese conflicts: from South-Sudan to Darfur. Agenda-setting, mobilization and qualifications”
·         Research Master, Political science of international relations, Institut d’études politiques de Paris/SciencesPo (2006)
·         Master, International Affairs, Major in Security and Conflict Resolution, Institut d’études politiques de Paris/SciencesPo (2005)
·         Undergraduate degrees in Sociology (UiO, 2001), development studies (HiO, 2002), and International relations (SciencesPo, 2003)    
Fluent: Norwegian, French, English
Intermediate: Arabic, German


The following publications are specific to the PRIO Migration Centre. A more complete list is available at

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Martins, Bruno Oliveira & Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert (2020) EU Border technologies and the co-production of security ‘problems’ and ‘solutions’, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2020.1851470.
Jumbert, Maria Gabrielsen (2020) Making it “Easy to Help”: The Evolution of Norwegian Volunteer Initiatives for Refugees, International Migration. DOI: 10.1111/imig.12805: 1–12.
Jumbert, Maria Gabrielsen (2013) Controlling the Mediterranean Space through Surveillance: The Politics and Discourse of Surveillance as an All-Encompassing Solution to EU Maritime Border Management Issues, Espace Populations Sociétés 2012(3): 35–48.

Book Chapter

Jumbert, Maria Gabrielsen (2018) European Responses to the Mediterranean 'Refugee Crisis' and the Fear of Saving Lives, in Weatherburn, Amy; Elzbieta Kuzelewska; & Dariusz (Darek) Kloza, eds, Irregular Migration as a Challenge for Democracy. Cambridge, United Kingdom: Intersentia Ltd. (113–122).
Jumbert, Maria Gabrielsen & Linn Marie Reklev (2018) Shaping the political space for resettlement: The debate on burden-sharing in Norway following the Syrian refugee crisis, in Sandvik, Kristin Bergtora; Adèle Garnier; & Liliana Jubilut, eds, Refugee Resettlement: Power, Politics and Humanitarian Governance. New York: Berghahn Books (159–182).

Popular Article

Nygård, Håvard Mokleiv; Tove Heggli Sagmo; Marta Bivand Erdal; Rojan Tordhol Ezzati & Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert (2015) Innvandringsdebatt på feil premisser [Wrong premises for the debate about immigration into Europe], NRK Ytring, 8 September.
Jumbert, Maria Gabrielsen & Cindy Horst (2015) En byrde ingen vil bære [A burden no one wants to bear], Dagsavisen, 16 June.
Jumbert, Maria Gabrielsen (2015) Et nærblikk på grenseovervåkningen i Middelhavet [A Close-up on Border Control in the Meditteranean], Ny Tid, 20 May.
Jumbert, Maria Gabrielsen (2014) Flytkningene er et felles ansvar [Refugees are a shared responsibility], NRK Ytring, 16 September.

Book Review

Jumbert, Maria Gabrielsen (2012) Review of Protecting Our Ports: Domestic and International Politics of Containerized Freight Security, in Journal of Peace Research 49(3): .